Our Story

The idea for Musubeach started with our little founder, Rylan and his desire to bring the alluring warmth of Hawaiian food and culture to the mainland.  At the age of 5, Rylan had his first taste of a musubi and immediately fell in love with this iconic staple.  He found himself craving the savory flavors that reminded him of lush tropical holidays on the islands.


Over the years and several repeat visits to Hawaii, his little idea grew into something bigger and Musubeach was born.  The name combines his two loves, musubis and the beach.  It soon became a family affair as he recruited the rest of his family to help make his idea a reality.


Our Pint-Sized Founder

Meet Rylan.  He’s a little guy with big ideas! 


He loves discovering new flavors and experiencing different cultures around the world.  But he is particularly fond of Hawaii. That’s why the concept for Musubeach is to start with the humble musubi and incorporate different flavors from around the world. 


He’s in the kitchen with mom and dad whipping up unique musubis and other favorites.  Follow Rylan on his Blog to see what he’s been up to lately.

Get Some Aloha!

While Musubeach is not yet a fully-fledged restaurant with an official location, we are taking our passion on the road and setting up fun pop-up experiences throughout California. It's a way for us to bring together people and share a little bit of Aloha wherever we go. 

Click on the link below to sign up for our pop up experiences.